I could fall for a criminal, ‘specially a handsome one !

Lyn is a new Reader Leader with a brand new group who is obviously killing it by the notes she took from her session last week….
Jojo Maye’s story Holdup is about a huge character of a girl who works as a retail assistant in an old fashioned Jewellery shop, and how she handles a break in at the store. All the participants found the character really gutsy, funny and full of cheek. The participants all related to her sense of fun, and wished they would have been able to do the same – “I’d love to handle a dire situation like that” .
The romantic part of the story brought out really different reactions in each participant – some really understood how this gutsy character could fall in love with a criminal, others really thought it was very unlikely “I totally get that – I could fall for a criminal, ‘specially a handsome one !”
The story had many twists and kept us guessing as to what might happen next “it’s a bit like life – you never know what’s around the corner – I love not knowing what’s going to happen. I love surprises.”
There was really healthy happy debate among the participants as to what actually happened in the story, a few participants even added their own ending beyond the text. The poem was about a broken heart and one of the participants (who is a Rapper) and had been fairly quiet through the story came to life and was really critical of the poem – he introduced us to a term called “bendin” and taught us all about what “bending” meant and how he would have written the poem differently. He also shared a story about understanding a line in the poem – totally – from experience – and he would be using that in his next Rap.

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