Inspiration, Communicating Love.

Yesterday at shared reading Ana’s mother Lynne said, “Through the group there are
different interpretations of a story…this brings about a freedom of expression.”
This is a theme that keeps arising within this group. Others have commented that in
discussing the stories personal memories arise for them that they have a rare
opportunity to share within the group. These memories inspired by the same story or poem
can be very diverse An example of this was when we read an extract from The Call of the Wild
paired with the poem Sea Fever. This poem was Helen’s favourite growing up she knew it off
by heart and read it beautifully, everyone was very pleased at her obvious delight.
Bert commented he was so glad for her. Bert then talked about being ill and his wife
buying him lots of books about adventure on the seas. He was so inspired he bought a
sailing ship and they sailed in 1968 to New Caledonia, by the stars. He said every man
and his dog can do it now there is GPS! He has also been twice to Alaska, so has Val.
Margarita commented that the story was all about love, Rhonda added the way that the
dog held his masters hand in his mouth gently was his way of communicating his love
“I will do this for you.” We discussed the way that animals show love. Nan had also read the
book, many commented this was a book from their time and generation. There were
humourous comments around men’s tendency for bragging! Val said “I always
appreciate the variety of stories.”

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