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The Reading Revolution is a New Zealand based organisation that is inspired by the work of The Reader Organisation. TRO is centred in Liverpool but their work spans Great Britain and is edging out into the wider world.  The following is an excerpt from their website describing their vision and practise:

“The Reader Organisation is an award-winning charitable social enterprise working to connect people with great literature through shared reading. We’re here to bring books to life, creating welcoming environments in which personal feeling is recognised and valued, forming vital connections between people and literature through which everyone can feel more alive.”

“Our ethos and purpose were originally forged in our shared reading groups, which is where most of our activity still takes place.  But we are now working in other areas of communal life, and our purpose shines through in our Café, on our allotment, in a community play, at a public reading or even at a conker festival. Whatever we do, we do with brio, with care for people and with commitment to detail at every level.”

“We bring people and great literature together. Our primary way of doing this is through our innovative shared reading model, bringing people together in weekly groups to listen to poems and stories read aloud. Thoughts and experiences are shared; personal and social connections are made.”

“There is no pressure for anyone to read or even speak because simply listening to the literature and the other group members can be a powerful stimulant. The group leader seeks to create an atmosphere of lively collaboration, which is best felt in the literature itself:”

“It is our ambition to make shared reading widespread so that you could go to most places in the UK and easily find a group. We currently read with 2,000 people per week across a variety of settings; in the workplace, in prisons, on mental health wards, in care homes, in schools and in local communities.”

“Why do we do it?

Because, as one group member told us:

“you need it, you just don’t know you need it.”

“The central power of the shared reading model means that we can help individuals to make changes to how they feel about themselves and how they relate to other people. Take a look at the Reader Stories dotted throughout the site to discover more about how shared reading is making a difference to people of all ages and backgrounds.”

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