Virtual Shared Reading Group

Please join us for an online shared reading 5pm – 6pm Thursdays

Led by Om & Alisha this is a fun way to keep in touch and keep enjoying stories and poetry together while our public spaces are unavailable.

Don’t believe the bad photo of us it is fun!
We will get a better photo next week : )

We will email out the story ahead of time but just keep it until the session so we can discover it together- Please try not to read it beforehand!
It will be sent in an email & PDF so you can print if you want or just use your phone to read. for more info

Just join ZOOM & click on the meeting ID (which will be emailed out with the story)

Hot tips for virtual shared reading :

1: Pause after people speak before chiming in, sometimes there may be a lag and they may not have finished talking…

2: If you are on a computer select the “grid view” top right on the screen to see all participants at once.

3: During the reading aloud mute your microphone to minimise background noise.

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