A touch scandalised in Gore

We are meeting once a fortnight on Thursday mornings in our beautiful library. Initially it was a bit up and down, but we changed the day and since then it has started to flourish. We had 13 readers plus ourselves last week, and its very exciting. All of the readers are quite regular and most are over mid seventies so its a learning time for us all. They look on Tania like a niece and care very much for her well-being. Part of this is because Tania chooses stories that are a bit ‘out there’ at times, and they quite like being a touch scandalised or shocked – eg Roald Dahl ‘The slaughter; or Edgar Allan Poe “Am I mad’

We alternate sessions so I bring the softer readings for a bit of variety. They still touch lots of buttons and our chat is lively. I’m always amazed with how much research they do and the information they come up with at our next group about the author, or the situation, or other writings in a similar vein. The reading seldom stops at the door.

I do hope the others from our learning tutorials are experiencing positive times, as this is such a valuable addition to our community. It would seem that many people don’t have time for lengthy book reading and discussion over wine that gets off the topic any longer. So be encouraged Kate, as you are the one who has initiated this beautiful thing.

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