February Read to Lead

We had an amazing time this weekend training up seven wonderful new Reader Leaders! So much fun in fact that I forgot to take a photo of the group.. (We were in a bit of a rush to evacuate the room on Sunday as the chess club were hard on our heels and I had to check my ageism when I saw the average age of participants in this group was about seven!)
The three days are intensive and the group really bonded through this experience. Some people were surprised at how much they enjoyed the training as they were not sure what to expect.
“At first I didn’t understand why I would need training to run a group like this but I have gained so much from the training!”
“Thanks Kate! It was such a pleasure. We really felt that we were on holiday! The best kind of relaxation!”
“Many thanks to you and Danny for providing such a great learning experience — I really enjoyed the workshop and getting the chance to meet a group of such lovely, like-minded people.”
We are so excited to see new groups emerge from this training supporting Chinese Communities, New Aucklanders, Rainbow Youth, Public Libraries, Youth with Social Anxiety and Care Home Residents and existing groups gaining new trained up team members.

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