Get Into Shared Reading with Emma & Eamonn Christchurch!

I’m really excited (and a little bit nervous!) to be launching a shared reading group in Christchurch
next month. I first became aware of The Reading Revolution last year, when the Team Leader at
Linwood Library heard Kate being interviewed by Jim Mora on RNZ and suggested we look into the
possibilities of bringing it to Christchurch City Libraries. I was immediately keen, inspired by Kate’s
passion and dedication, and the opportunity to explore great works of literature within our library

My colleague Eamonn and I completed the Read to Lead training in April, which was my first
exposure to the shared reading experience. I’ve been in book groups and have discussed literature in
classes at school and university, but this was totally different! We were encouraged to be open to
how the text resonated with us personally and to explore these insights with the group. I loved the
way our individual threads could be woven into a larger patchwork of diverse ideas and
interpretations that coloured the text in ways I could never have achieved reading alone. The aim
was not to find the one true answer, but to explore, reflect, share, and listen. I really liked that.
I felt a bit sad when the training was over, as the sessions were so rewarding and enjoyable, so I’m
very much looking forward to getting back into shared reading on a regular basis. We’re starting two
groups in Christchurch in August (at Linwood and Papanui Libraries) but we have plans for more!
Watch this space…

  • Emma Johnston
    Librarian, Outreach and Learning
    Ngā Kete Wānanga-o-Ōtautahi
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