Lucia Ablett

Lucia is a creative writer in all genres including rap, poetry, screenplays.

I had a very multicultural upbringing and from this developed a passion for music, performing and creative writing.  I wrote my first poem in 1985 when I was 11 years old and clearly remember it being very healing.  I think that was the starting point for me as an artist.  In 1989, I was exposed to rap and found I resonated with it deeply.  I spent weekends in my bedroom teaching myself to rap and memorising lyrics to American rap songs using a tape deck.  

Eventually I started to write my own rhymes.  From the early 90s I immersed myself into Aotearoa’s Hip-Hop culture beginning in Wellington and ending in Auckland but not before becoming the first female rapper in Aotearoa to release a full-length rap album.  In 2009 I completed a degree in Creative Writing at Whitireia majoring in Script Writing for Screen.  In 2022 after joining a Tokoroa women’s art group to learn to paint I returned to creative writing.  The result was a collaboration for a performance to celebrate the Inaugural Matariki Day. 

Meet Lucia Ablett!

Time & date: June 7, 2023 07:00 PM Wednesday

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