NZ Charity Reporting Award for us!

Thanks to William Buck and Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand who have generously awarded us $1000 in recognition of our 2019 performance report. We were the overall winners in the tier 4 category!–communications-channels-during-covid19

The judges particularly liked how we integrated our non-financial and financial information. Tier 4 charities are encouraged to be creative by the charities commission in how we tell our stories as we are the smallest grassroots charities and our financials do not give a clear picture of we do and what our impact is within diverse communities.
Like our shared reading itself, our story as a charity is woven from the collective experience of our volunteers and participants, their words express the mahi better than we could! This is why we anonymise quotes from our people in our reports which the judges enjoyed; “The report concisely covers the key service performance information and some quantitative output measures. I particularly like the quotations as they reflected how the charity went about achieving its service performance objectives”. Thanks to our Reader Leaders (especially Maria Mitenkova and Rhi Lennox from Auckland Libraries) for capturing these magic moments each week that we can use to tell our story!
It was also really useful for us to receive the detailed constructive criticism and use it to sharpen up our 2020 report!
Thanks again! The recognition is wonderful and the prize money is very useful in these uncertain times.

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