Patricia Bell

Meet our April Author: Patricia Bell

When: Wednesday 27 April, 7.00 – 8.00pm
Where: Online – click the Zoom link below.
Meet the wonderful Patricia Bell at an online shared reading event at the end of the month! Patricia will read from her work and we will all have an opportunity to reflect and respond together as we go along.

Author bio

Patricia Bell is a New Zealand writer, editor and proofreader. Her short stories, poems and non-fiction articles have been published in anthologies, literary journals, and online. “Dandelion Clocks” won first prize in the 2021 New Zealand Society of Authors Graeme Lay Short Story Competition.

Patricia was born in Northern Ireland to a Presbyterian minister from Belfast and a teacher from Motherwell, Scotland, which probably explains a lot! She now lives with her daughter in Auckland.
She is a trained singer and musical theatre performer, a bird nerd and conservation advocate, a proudly loud feminist, and a born-again agnostic.

New work

The Library of Unfinished Business- A sad and disillusioned man searches for the courage to transform his life – even after it has ended – A daughter learns that her father’s love is mighty beyond imagining. “It’s about the magic of storytelling, the importance of living bravely, and the power of love to triumph, even over death.


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2 Responses

  1. We had an amazing session last night with an extract from Patricia’s novel! We discussed reconnecting with distant parents as adults- rebuilding relationships through developing common interests. We also spoke about how in blended families when a parent dies, different groups of children from first or second partners may have had a different experience with that parent. So too can grandparents sometimes attempt a better relationship with grandchildren than they had with their kids! It’s like getting a second chance at parenting!

  2. Lovely session at the library this morning with the short story Dandelion Clocks. We spoke about beloved pets and also about how we all probably need to hug our family members more! We found it hard to imagine spontaneously hugging a stranger like the woman does in the story! We also read Patricia’s poem love letters which brought up lots of thoughts around unrequited love stories and also how when someone you loves dies- it is as if your world has ended- when they are your world! We are looking forward to meeting Patricia on Wednesday : )

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