Read to Lead November 16/17/18th 2018

We will be holding our first in house Read to Lead course on November 16th 17th & 18th at the New lynn Library meeting room for all our new volunteers. Read to Lead is an intensive three day workshop that gives you the basics of shared reading practice. Being a Reader Leader is a journey that we support with monthly coffee & peer support groups and ongoing support from our volunteer coordinator but Read to lead will inspire you and provide you with the confidence and skills you need to get the party started!
The three day Read to Lead course is a combination of group work and individual assessment and covers the following topics:
The five essentials of shared reading
Reading aloud
Choosing the literature
Preparing the literature
Listening and responding
Managing Group dynamics
Facilitating change
Leadership through literature
Reading communities
Shared Reading research
Keep Reading, Keep Learning
Reader Stories
Please contact Kate for more info:
[email protected]

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