Tulia Nacola

Adi Tulia Nacola is a woodworker and author who has been publishing books since 2018. From Soa, Nakorotubu in the province of Ra. She writes from life experiences and imagination to pen vivid and emotive works of creative non-fiction and fiction.

She runs her furniture business out of Pacific Harbour and has been designing and producing custom made furniture for over twelve years and enjoys the art of creating.

She has written and published two Novels, Strength of Name and The Brown Dress. Her third novel, You Again is set to launch in March and is based on societal issues and the growing problem of drugs and addiction in her community.

Recently finishing a program in script writing, she hopes to one day transform one of her books into a screenplay, encouraging Indigenous writers to share their stories.

Talanoa with Tulia

Time & date: 7:00 PM Wednesday March 27, 2024. 

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  1. Amazing time at Rånui library on International Women’s day reading about arranged marriage in Strength of a Name. We were discussing marriage in different cultures & times in history. We tried to imagine what it might be like for a young person to put the needs of their community before their own personal feelings… We talked about what life was like for women in 1926 & when we were young & getting married.

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