Meet fantastic volunteer Reader Leader Lynette from Gore!
How did you get into shared reading & why?

Through a friend who was leading a group at our local library.

What do you enjoy about being a Reader Leader?

Choosing a variety of stories for our group and guiding the discussions.

Are there any stories or poems that have stuck with you & why?

I’ve chosen a number of NZ stories which have resonated with our group. For example one by Patrica Grace close to Waitangi Day had lots of discussion; equally Normans Letter by Lizzie Nelson – most meetings actually as they reflect our lives.

Any reader who’s journey has inspired you in your group?

One of our group has been quite quiet at the group, but talks to me later. after our talks relating to ‘Normans Letter’ she was inspired to take some action on behalf of a relative in care. The discussion exposed some alternative expectations to her.

Tell us more about your community…

I share the leading with another person, and we lead alternate meetings. We meet fortnightly. We have quite different styles and tastes and I think it is healthy for our group to experience the variety. Our group ranges in age from early fifties to nineties, and has both males and females in it, which balances our conversations well. Everyone is very keen, and often they’ve followed up with reading other works by our chosen authors. We can have 10-20 participants. We tried breaking into smaller groups, but everyone chose to stay together and now we’re more respectful at ‘listening’ to others.

Would you recommend becoming a Reader Leader & why?

Yes It is so rewarding to see people identifying with life issues through literature and sharing or considering how they might think in certain situations. It broadens our viewpoint and perspective.

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