Meet lovely librarian Reader Leader Surani!
How did you get into shared reading & why?

There was a training being offered through the libraries where I work and something about it called to me. As an avid reader it felt like it was meant to be, so I enrolled to become a Reader Leader.

What do you enjoy about being a Reader Leader?

What I enjoy the most is making those connections with people and sharing each other’s stories along the way. There’s something powerful when we read together.

Are there any stories or poems that have stuck with you & why?

The Lumbar Room by Saki is a story that stuck with me for the vivid descriptions. I’m someone who enjoys all kinds of poetry, so I don’t have a favorite. When it comes to short stories, I suppose I’m someone that enjoys those set in the past.

Any reader who’s journey has inspired you in your group?

When I was involved with the Zoom sessions we ran, there were a few in that group who were inspiring as they all were migrant women who didn’t speak fluent English, yet they made an extra effort to understand.

Tell us more about your community…

My community is made up of a mixed crowd, both young and old, men and women. Their common love for literature and poetry brings a vibrant energy to the sessions, no matter the material presented to them.

Would you recommend becoming a Reader Leader & why?

Definitely yes!! I suppose for me it was a way to connect with like-minded people who weren’t afraid to read out loud and share their world with me.

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