Meet fantastic librarian Reader Leader Savannah
How did you get into shared reading & why?

Through my work as a librarian. Our library at glen innes had the opportunity to start a shared reading group so I wanted to be able to help support my coworkers in delivering the program as well as being able to help our local community by providing more group (social and educational) opportunities.

What do you enjoy about being a Reader Leader?

I really love meeting new people. The group of ladies from our library’s shared reading group are so lovely, supportive of each other and willing to delve into new human experiences through reading.

Are there any stories or poems that have stuck with you & why?

Treats by Lara Williams. There is a section in the book about a woman who does good deed for others without expectation of return. She is overlooked, underloved and underapreciated in all aspects of her life, but she finds a way to treat and appreciate herself. I found this to be so profound and I myself emphasized with the character.

Any reader who’s journey has inspired you in your group?

I am consistently in admiration of one of our group – a wonderful woman who had a traumatic brain injury and was initially reluctant to join the group because of her difficulty with lengthy speech. Whenever she joins us now she is always open to discussion and isn’t afraid of jumping in and leading the reading even if she has to take breaks.

Tell us more about your community…

Our community is a diverse and, lively one. Full of unique individuals, and where all cultures are supported. In our area in particular we have a larger population of Pacific, Maori and Chinese.

Would you recommend becoming a Reader Leader & why?

It’s a great way to help support your community and friends by giving a safe space for collaboration of ideas, and extending one’s own world view.

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